Welcome to Lyke Tech


Lyke Tech LLC is a consumer electronics company poised to introduce the very first truly wireless phone charger to market. Unlike the bulky charging pads available today, the LYKE dock-station can fully power your device no matter where you are thanks to dual conventional and solar energy.


With speedy charge times, multi-device capability, and a supporting app that helps users optimize their solar panel, the LYKE is the breakthrough innovation that the world’s smartphone users have been clamoring for.

With our product LYKE, we aim to bring clean IoT solutions to everybody. We want to revolutionize the mindset of people regarding clean tech. It doesn’t have to be clunky or gigantic only to be used for large scale solutions. It can now be beautiful, smart and fit in the palm of your hands. This is LYKE!

Some Advantages of adopting the LYKE way of life;

  • Save about 0.03 miles per gallon for an average driver.

  • Extrapolates to saving about 200 million gallons of Gas in California Alone (or $700 mln).

  • If the entire US adopted LYKE it would lead to saving about $14.2 Billion! Yes, that’s a B.

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