LYKE Tech LLC is a California based consumer electronics company with a primary focus on innovating truly wireless technologies.  

Staying honest to who we are - will be the continued key to our success, as well as our clients' success. We remain dedicated to businesses — by giving back financial confidence through wireless industry and working for a healthier environment for us all. We’re here to help you find your wireless solution, whether that is at home, at your business, outdoors or of a larger commercial structure.

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Varun Rai, M.S

CTO/Co-Founder (USC)

A Mechanical Engineer/Designer with about 8 yrs. of experience in innovating products for a wide array of Industries which include Tooling and Manufacturing (Kennametal), Medical Instrumentation/Robotics (Robonik) and  Plastics/Chemicals (MPPL).

Akshay Nerurkar, M.S

Electrical Engineer (USC)

Silicon Valley Engineer: worked as a Solar PV Design Engineer at


Arkadiy Okhman, BFA

CCO / Co-Founder (CCS )

Transportation designer, innovator, 8+ years. Developed projects for BMW, Ferrari, Tesla. Multiple Design Award Winner: 2011 Ferrari Hypercar, 2012 Crown Forklift, 2013 Finalist for GM Camaro design and 2014 Nissan Interior Motive awards in Paris, France

Liudmila Erukhova, MBA

CEO / Co-Founder (UC Berkeley)

10+ years of Entrepreneurship / BizDev; Startup Developer: Artificial Intelligence CRM Platform Zero-One; AI Open Source Edge Analytics Platform Plastic Fog; Gazprom Projects "Sakhalin", "South Stream"


Alikhan Kuljanov

Lead Interior Design, General Motors

Michael Geva

PhD, Applied Physics, Yale University