Promotional Prices:

50         -    89.99       -     $4,499.50

100       -    88.99       -     $8,899.00

250       -    87.99       -     $21,997.50

500       -    86.99       -     $43,495.00

1000      -   85.99       -     $85,990.00

Lyke Tech Team here with some big news from our company.

Our mission?  To introduce the very first truly wireless phone charger to the mass market.

  • Our flagship product, the LYKE wireless charging dock-station, has an intelligent and beautiful design that makes it ideal for any situation - whether it’s indoors, outdoors, or in your car.

  • The LYKE supports wireless charging via its renewable energy solar panel - making it the world’s first truly wireless charger.

  • It’s also compatible across many devices (including iPhone 8 and X, Samsung, LG, Motorola, Google, etc.) and charges phones in 1-2 hours with a 2-3 hours energy cycle.

  • Once devices are securely charging, users can open the IoT-powered LYKE mobile app to get the most from their product.  For example, the app gives them info on which angle to position their solar panel to optimize the LYKE’s efficiency.

  • The product has received some great feedback so far, including strong praise from GM’s Lead Designer.  We’ve begun taking pre-orders and are negotiating numerous LOIs with hopeful customers.

  • We’ve also secured a patent pending on our innovative technology.